Should Grade 12 University Level English Be A Requirement For University Programs?

If you are applying for university, every program in Ontario has the requirement of a grade 12 university level English credit.

Should grade 12 university level English be a requirement for University Programs? I believe that a grade 12 university English should be a requirement for all programs no matter what program you’re interested in whether it’s an Engineering, Nursing or a Creative Arts and Design program you still need the skills from grade 12 English. See this PDF file for all requirements in all programs. This list of all the programs at the University of Western Ontario shows all the programs with all the course and average requirements. For each program, an ENG 4U course credit is required.

In a grade 12 English course, it prepares you for what lies outside of high school in the real world. Students develop many skills which will help them for the rest of their life in order to succeed. Although for many programs in university you will probably never read a short story, play or poem these will help you understand the themes and symbols of the stories which will give you a better understanding of what life has in store.

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This site states all the skills students learn in grade 12 university level English it will help you succeed throughout the university, your future jobs, and along with the rest of your life. There are many skills that are learned in this credit that is crucial for your life.

I believe the most important skill students learn in all of grade 12 university level English is communication. For every single day of your life, this skill is required. If you are unable to communicate, it will be very difficult to get anywhere in life. Most university programs do not teach the skill of communication. With this skill, I believe it will be easier to find a job in the real world. For example, when I received an interview for a job, I realised how much the grade 11 university level course helped me throughout that interview. I was able to answer questions confidently and accurately with the helpful skill of communication. The skill of communication that I learned will definitely last me a lifetime.

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An important skill that comes very handy is taking notes. In high school, many teachers will print off notes for their students. As students progress to university, professors will not be printing notes. Students will then have to take important information and write it down in a timely fashion. Without note taking skills, it will be very hard to be successful in post high school education. For example, I have personally experienced how the note taking skill I learned in grade 11 university English has helped me write my notes faster than I used to in many of my other courses. The skill has also helped me prepare for my exams better by having to rewrite my notes to a better understanding.

Paper with important written information.


Another crucial skill learned in grade 11 university level English is being able to do essay writing and university preparedness. Students will have to use essay writing skills when they are applying for universities. In university, many assignments will deal with essay writing or persuasive paragraphs. Essay writing skills also teach you how to peer edit another person’s paper, and give them feedback that will tell them how to improve their paper for the better. In grade 12 university level English you are always asked to put your papers through Turn It In. During essay writing, it is important that there is no plagiarism because this could ruin your grade or could eventually get you kicked out of university.


A student is planning his essay by using his skills.



Every program in Ontario has the requirement of a grade 12 university level English credit. I believe that this is an important requirement for a university because it prepares for what lies outside the world and teaches many skills that will last a lifetime. Grade 12 university level English sets you up for extravagant success.

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